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The completion of 25 wonderful and glorious years is a reflection of our struggles, endeavors, strengths, love for perfection and milestones reached. The school celebrates the fulfillment of its dreams, aspiration to scale new heights and become pinnacle achievers.
On this day, I put on record my undying gratitude to the founder Principal and her team of teachers for steering the institute from 1984 to March 2002, thus preparing a launching pad for us to take off. We shall always treasure your contribution to the institute as you laid the true foundation of what the institution is today.

My present team boasts of an academic fraternity that believes in continuously raising the standards in its pursuit for excellence and hence invites assurance and applause from far and wide and the dividends enfolded are -the school stands at present with 4600 students and a teaching faculty of 170 members. The awe inspiring success is the result of a dedicated, persevering and committed team triggered by parental trust.
My gratitude is endless to the Management for their unstinted support in all our endeavors. My appreciation is ever growing towards the office staff & the maintenance personal for years of hard work and loyalty.
The phenomenal rewards and results showcase the pride we have in our students. Global achievements like the victory at NASA for two consecutive years followed by triumph in sports arena are a few benchmarks to name. This clearly manifests that our students hold high the banner of this school, thus crystallizing the vision of its founders.
Sensing the winds of change the school has integrated technology into the class rooms thus revolutionizing the learning process. We continue to strive and surge ahead under the doting benediction of the Almighty father. We stand here today because He is guiding us on our way. Thank you God for the blessings and the opportunities showered on us.
I end with a motivational quotation by Plato, "The direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future life."

Dr (Mrs) Amrit Aujla

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